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J.M. is spontaneous, and the conversation throughout the dinner flowed naturally.
I think he is caring, making sure my tea is refilled all the time and demonstrated gentlemanly traits. He is also thoughtful in wanting to make sure I got home safely and got me a meet-up gift. I am impressed by him overall.


This is the first time I have dated someone I never met before. He made me feel comfortable talking to him. We chatted quite a lot on different topics. He has also given some feedback about me, which is very helpful for me to understand my impression on others. He is simple, talkative and genuine. Overall we had a happy and good chat last night.


I liked his openness towards my hobbies and he's humorous. For now, I can't seem to find anything I dislike about him


Very comfortable person to date. Happened to work at Tea Cafe before, so he shared his experience with me. We shared a lot about ourselves, he told me how he spends his weekends, and told me about his family members. He was forgiving - I was late by half an hour, but at the end of our date, he still bought me dinner.

Will stay in touch


Overall, I think Eugene comes across as a man who is comfortable and contented with what he has right now - a good career and a good salary. He speaks his mind on issues that are of interest to him, and he is not afraid to ask or go after the things that he wants. He is also a gentleman, offering to accompany me to my car.

However, during the dinner, I felt that he was a bit hesitant to pay for it. So, I offered to pay, but in the end, he decided to pay for it instead. Being prudent of his finances maybe? The downside is, his conversations sometimes reflect a lack of maturity; perhaps due to his age and a lack of working experience in various industries. One can't help but also feel he sometimes hold himself back (Shyness?). Overall, I would say he is friendly, and the fact that he is chatty helps to keep the conversation flowing.


We had similar topics to share, he is friendly and nice.


Online dating portals are filled with cheats, married men with fake profiles looking for a fling, shoddy characters decked in ill-fitting suits who make passes at you, and send pictures of their “pumped up privates”. That is why I often go for reputable dating companies. While I like the personalised services, they are not only expensive, but I do not get to choose who I want to meet or browse through a list of profiles – something I really like about online dating portals.

After a string of bad experiences, I was on the brink of giving up – was it impossible to have the best of both worlds? My friend had recently heard of esync and persuaded me to give it a shot. Initially, I thought esync was no different from an online dating site where anyone could sign up and just request to date. I scrolled through my matches.

To my surprise, a consultant called me when I found someone I wanted to meet. She even offered me dating advice and made dinner reservations for me and my date. I’ve been on a few dates with esync now, and I’m amazed by how well the dates have gone!

The single men on esync were really genuine and open about their past. Honesty is the best policy, isn’t it? Intrigued, I casually mentioned this to my consultant, and she told me that esync actually conducts checks on its members to verify their profiles! It’s no wonder that I’ve had such a fabulous experience with esync this far.

To my mind, esync is a perfect hybrid of the online and offline dating platforms. Thank you, esync, you’ve surely brought synchrony to this world!

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"Like - Having almost similar interests, values and lifestyles make our conversation flow easily." - Koh Wei

"Overall is comfortable - he's quite the gentlemen." - Amy.

"We clicked and had a good conversation." - Yvonne

"Nice guy. I enjoyed talking with him even though he's a bit young" - Catherine

"Henry struck me as a very nice man - he is motivated, friendly, positive, cheerful, and we have some similar interests." - Sock Mui

"The restaurant was quiet and romantic." - Carol

"Gives an overall nice impression. Easy to communicate." - Cynthia

"He is gentle, polite, and we have common interests which gives us things to talk about and pleasant conversation." – Sammi

"We talked a lot during the date. I'm satisfied with my dates through esync." - Claudia

"Alfred is generally chatty, likeable and friendly. He comes across as a very driven guy - someone who can hold a conversation well." - SY

"Like - Martin is a kind gentleman. He took care of me and paid for our meal even though I offered to pay." – May

"He is a decent guy, approachable with good family & education background." - Juliana

"Like: Edward is keen to engage and is very easy going. His liking for nature travels coincides with mine. His extroverted personality made befriending a smooth procession." – Jing

"Open to conversations, acted like normal friends, didn't feel awkward around him." - S.chew

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