Our Success Stories

Derek & Audrey

I joined esync to find the love of my life, and thankfully, I met Derek! I trusted esync more than I trusted other dating services as esync users are vetted. I also like that we can view the profiles of other users.

  My esync-arranged date with Derek was on 23rd November 2014. With it being a blind date, I was happy that my first impression of Derek was a good one. He dressed smartly for the date, and we had a nice chat during dinner. We didn’t want the date to end, so we went for a movie afterwards!

  Derek is a responsible, caring, and loving person. I’m grateful that he cares for his parents as well as my family. It helps our relationship that he thinks I’m cute!

  In all seriousness, however, he says that he fell in love with me because I am tolerant, understanding, and that I am good at cooking and baking. Perhaps it’s true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?

  Derek proposed slightly over a year after we met, and we married another year later. I have a lot of good memories of our dating days, and we took a lot of photos then. Some were made into photobooks, which we call our love diaries.

  I’d like to advise all singles looking for love to be confident in getting to know more people. Give yourself and others a chance, and you will find true love sooner than you realise. Good luck with your love life – thanks to esync, mine has been blessed with Derek’s presence.

Alan & Erica

We both did not imagine how quickly this has all happened.

Well, it all started one night when I got this email notification from esync about a match pending for my approval.

Upon receiving the email notification, I logged in to my esync's account and request for a photo exchange with my match. She agreed to the request, and we saw each other's photos. I had a good feeling and impression which prompted me to click "yes" to approve the match.

The consultant arranged our date and we first meet with each other at a restaurant on the 22nd of April 2010. This was how our relationship began. That night, we talked about movies we liked, and the conversation kept flowing. I don't know why but I felt at ease talking to Erica as if I had known her for a long time. At the end of the date, we exchanged our contact numbers. For me, it was a very good night because it was unexpected. Our dates became a regular occurrence over the coming nights. I began to look forward to meet Erica online or whenever I was.

I was attracted to her but I didn't know whether she felt the same. I thought she wouldn't be attracted to me, but to my surprise Erica said I was pretty charming. I was so flattered and I didn't know what to say. When I spoke to Erica on the phone and heard her voice, my feelings for her grew and I became fonder of her.

I was falling in love. It was as if we had known each other for ages. We would chat for hours at night and during weekends. I was thinking about her constantly and we were talking more over the phone. Just before I met her, I went through a bad break-up with an ex-girlfriend. I was having a bad time myself, but I told Erica I would be there for her anytime of the night. She could just call or text me and I'd go online (this was when mobile data had not existed). This brought us closer together, as we slowly learned about each other.

Erica was constantly on my mind, so every night we would call and chat whenever we could. This went on for 2 months until the beginning of July when Erica said "Do you want to go travelling with me?". I didn't hesitate to say yes, we arranged it so that I could see Erica in two weeks time. I was so pleased to know that there were seats available for two to Shanghai and so I went on to book the flight.

My stomach felt as if it had butterflies in it at the very thought of travelling with Erica to another country. I didn't expect myself to feel like this for someone I've just met.

On the day of our flight, I was nervous. As I waited at the airport, I recognized Erica immediately. Seeing her made me more relaxed - with her by my side, I knew that everything would be fine.

The one week that followed was absolute bliss. We got on really well and she showed me around Shanghai, places she had visited before. I had a really nice time visiting all the famous places and enjoying the delicious food.

When our holiday ended, it was sad for me because it would be challenging to find time to meet again, due to our busy schedules. The taxi ride home was depressing. As soon as it was possible, I called Erica to hear her voice again.

After that trip together, we started talking about marriage and having children. We had to sort out where we should live and what problems we might encounter along the way. I eventually mustered the courage to propose marriage to Erica, and I was ecstatic when she said Yes! On the 23rd of January 2011, we got married at the banks of Singapore River. Until now, I still find it hard to be apart from Erica. I love you Erica!

Roger & Sun May

Thanks to esync, we have found each other! Upon our first meeting, we immediately clicked and our lunch date extended to many more dates to come.

However, our second meeting almost did not materialise as I lost Sun May's mobile number due to my faulty hand phone. But thanks to esync's efficient staff, Joanne, I got back in touch with Sun May.

We experienced ups and downs in our relationship, but with open, honest communication between both parties, we overcame the obstacles, and finally tied the knot on 9/9/2013! To all who are still searching for your other half, do not give up!

Feon and Chee Yong

esync is an excellent platform for singles. We have confidence in the recommended match as the participants’ profile & particulars were already verified.

Coordination on dates was well-organized, and our dating consultant was really caring.

We started our relationship 9 months after the first date arranged by esync (in Feb 2013).

After the first date, Feon joined a meet-up group for weekend activities, which I recommended to her. We had fun and also got to know each other better during the activities, then we went to Bali for vacation in October.

Our relationship was made official on my birthday (24 November).

My advice to singles is: You'll be able to find love when the timing is right. However, when the time comes, both parties have to take the initiative to get to know each other better and show your commitment to each other. Love will not happen if you do not take any action even when the timing is right.

Will & Win

Thank you for your follow-up, here is a testimonial from the both of us, who are together now.

Initially there was some anxiety and we did have many things to work on, but esync has helped us tremendously by giving us guidance and advice. So, we finally managed to get to know each other better and work on our relationship. Now we are very confident about our future.

Our advice to friends out there who have not found love: A thousand miles begins with a single step. As long as you’re willing to make the first step, you will be able to find love and happiness.

Ling & Andy

Two years ago, I answered an online questionnaire. Little did I know that it would lead me to the love of my life, Ling. I thought it was just another dating platform. But I’m glad I tried it out and met her.

We joined about the same time. In one lucky date, I met her. I felt that she was the one for me, so we started going out more often and started to know each other better. Our relationship slowly progressed, from friends to lovers and from lovers to life partners.

We are now happily married with a child, thanks to esync.


Janice & Thomas

After the first 4 matches, I was getting a bit tired of the dating process. Nonetheless, I still looked forward to meeting him as our date was arranged one day after my birthday. I had hopes that he would be the one to fulfil my birthday wish (I wanted to settle down with someone suitable for me). The meeting with Thomas was delightful and relaxing as he was very chatty and there was no awkward silence throughout the whole meeting.

We did not start our relationship until March 2013 as we were both distracted by our careers then. However, we still kept in touch as friends and caught up with each other occasionally. We enjoyed each other company, and we can talk freely with each other. Most importantly, Thomas speaks my love language! He gave me lots of attention in a relationship, pampered me with love and was willing to spend quality time with me.

Our relationship developed fast, six months after we “officially” started our relationship, Thomas proposed to me in September 2013. We are now busy preparing for our wedding in October 2014!

A word of encouragement to those singles that are in the mature age group: Don’t give up! The process of finding true love is tiring, but once you find him, you will have plenty of happy memories together.

Peggy and Boon Peng

Thanks esync for helping us each other.

Our meet up was quite interesting. Boon Peng took more than one month to approve our first date and we took another month to adjust our schedules to meet each other. We want to thank Jessie, our consultant for her patience in arranging our first date. Our first date actually lasted from 1pm till 9pm+. That's lunch, tea time and dinner! This was out of expectation - we didn't expect the date to go so well.

We had a good impression on each other and our second date was on the second day. We texted each other very frequently and eventually talked on the phone every night. Of course, we also went on more dates after that. It took us just two weeks to start our relationship, and it was the best choice we've made.

The system allows us to meet other individuals (apart from our usual social circle) and the dates were very well arranged. Personally, we have introduced our friends to esync too.

Thank you!

Terence and Esther

I'd like to say THANK YOU to esync for helping us put a fullstop to our single status.

It was just an ordinary night. We met each other at a romantic restaurant in the crowded TST. We had a joyful first date and immediately felt attracted to each other. After several follow-up dates, we could feel the "spark" and we decided to make our relationship official.

I once felt that joining this service may not be right and couldn't tell when THE ONE would show up. But as long as you don't give up, you'll find love, just like us! Cheers!


Sia & Leong

This is a chronology of how we met. Fui Sia appeared in my list of newly available matches on a Saturday morning. I viewed her profile and felt that she was the perfect match for me. I wanted to ask her for a date, but before I clicked on the approve button, I sent her 1 Q&A. To my surprise, I got a reply from her in just 5 minutes, and also got a few Q&As from her. We shared Q&As for about 1 hour. This prompted me to try my luck and click approve, with hopes that Fui Sia would approve me as well. I waited and waited…. days passed… and finally, after a week, she finally approved me. Jessie from esync contacted me and arranged for our first date. Few days before the date, I was super nervous. I kept reminding myself to stay calm and be more polite.

On the day of the date, I stood outside of the restaurant. Before going in, I calmed down and told myself: "Okay you can do this". I walked into the Restaurant. The restaurant manager greeted me and before I could tell him that I had a reservation under "Jamie and Violet", the manager said: “Your date is waiting for you inside.” We had lunch and talked about our hobbies, travels, life experiences and family. The lunch lasted for around 2 hours. Then, we had a walk in the mall and went to Starbucks for some coffee. I found out that she does not drink coffee, so she had green tea instead. We continue chatting, I was hoping that this would continue but it was late, so we exchanged number and said goodbye.

Our common interest was investing and home cooking. So we exchanged our views and got to know each other better by sharing cooking recipes. 2 weeks after, I asked her whether I was the right match for her because I would like to bring our relationship to the next level. She said “Yes”, and I was on cloud nine that night.

We planned our 1st trip to Cameron Highlands and we had a wonderful time collecting self-plucked strawberries and visiting tea farms. We still have more trips to come in the next chapter of our lives. Fui Sia and I are now married! esync really worked for Fui Sia and me, thank you esync for making this happen and for bringing us together. Our friends and relatives often ask us, how did both of you meet? We will say “esync” and gladly reply to their questions. Some of my friends even private messaged me, asking me to share esync's website with them. We have had our success through this system, so can you.

I am Fui Sia, Siong Leong is the second guy I met through esync. I viewed his profile first, and we exchanged some Q&As. The Q&A section in esync is good because it can help us get to know our date and see whether we are suitable. I found that we have common interests. He knows how to cook, and he likes running marathons. When he asked me for a date, I did not approve the request immediately as I was considering whether to meet him. I didn't like his old-fashioned hairstyle. It wasn't attractive to me :P (I've requested a new haircut, and he gladly obliged. His new hairstyle suits him better ^^). I thought: "Well, he's not bad, maybe I can just meet him and see how things go".

On the day we met, I felt nervous so I reached 10 minutes earlier to the restaurant because I can take the extra time to calm down before meeting him. I told myself to just treat it as getting to know a new friend. The first word he said was “Hi”, with an adorable smile. I asked him whether he preferred to speak in Mandarin or English. He asked me what language I prefer, and I felt more relaxed because he can speak Mandarin. Our date lasted from 12:30pm to 6pm. He told me that our date was the longest date among all his other dates (I am his 8th date :P). Now, we are married. He really takes care of me and some of his actions really makes me feel touched.

I signed up for a 6-month package and wanted to look for someone who loves me and goes travelling with me, and I met him on my second date. I can say that Esynchrony really works, especially for me because I am the shy and quiet type. It is quite hard for me to get to know new people. Esynchrony also made me feel safe and I was more willing to go on dates arranged by them because we can view their profile before we meet. Thank you esync for the perfect match. We would recommend esync to all singles out there who are still looking for their special half. Give yourself a chance at love.

Dilys and Edmund

Destiny- That is how I would describe our relationship. In Hong Kong, everyone lives so close to each other that you may know any one person from your friend’s friend. But can you imagine that I did not have any mutual friends with Edmund on Facebook? That means that, if it's not for esync, we would never have met each other! Thanks to esync's scientific and practical matching algorithm, Edmund and I could meet each other and start a relationship together!

Thanks esync for bringing happiness and love to us!

From Dilys Chan

I wanted to find a girl I had "sparks" with. I had imagined that she would be someone who's considerate and outgoing. During my dates with esync, I put a lot of effort to get to know them personally. When they got home, I would also ask them to message me, so that I can be assured of their safety. Although I put in a lot of effort in dating, some of them became friends with me, some of them went on a second date with me, but it wasn't working for me because I didn't feel any "sparks" during the dates. Until I met Dilys, my fiancée.

I met her via esync (when my dating package only had 1 month left). We had a nice first date and as usual I requested her to message me when she arrived home safely. I guess this made a good impression on her. After 2 months, I ASKED HER TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND! And she said YES! We spent Christmas, New Year's eve, Valentine’s day together, and we decided to move on to the next step: meeting the parents. We listened to their opinions, and thankfully, things went well. Our relationship has gotten stronger as we learn about our strengths and weaknesses. We discuss and solve problems together. I proposed to her on 1st May and SHE SAID YES even though it was a simple proposal.

If you are single, do not feel upset or rushed. Join esync first, then just spend some time each day to review your matches. You could delete some who do not match your criteria. If you see someone interesting, approve the match and wait for esync to arrange a date for you! Good luck everyone!

From Edmund Leung

Isabella and Lewis

Time flies and we have been together almost one year. Yet, I still feel inconceivable when recalling how I found her among all.

Around a year ago, my good friend, Sally, met her boyfriend successfully through esync. Then, she recommended me to esync - that's why I started using esync.

At the beginning, I met some girls through esync but I didn't think that they were suitable for me. After two months, I finally met Isabella. Our first date was on 14th December, 2013. The date arrangement from esync was great! We were arranged to sit at the corner of the restaurant so that we can have a quiet environment to chat comfortably. Although that was our first meeting, we already established a good rapport with each other as our interests were similar. Both of us studied in Australia before, so naturally, we had a lot of things to talk about. Our dinner lasted for 4 hours and we left unwillingly when the restaurant was about to close!

We took another 3 months to understand each other better, and we finally started our relationship around March.

We hope that the singles in esync can find their other half and experience our happiness.

Sammi and Hanani

I had doubts about esync before I joined because they charged you to arrange a date for you which other websites didn't. I decided to try anyway because of their affiliation with another company, Lunch Actually.

After a very detailed personality test, esync found some matches for me. In the beginning, I was not entirely familiar with the functions of the website. The consultant from esync called me to explained how to use the , and after 2 months of searching, I met him – Hanani.

At first, he asked me many questions via the website, which made me feel that he was sincere and not asking straight for a blind date. Most of our answers were the same. So we decided to go on a date.

Hanani was my 1st date through esync. Before the date, I was pretty nervous and worried that he would not show up, leaving me to sit in the restaurant alone. It turned out that he arrived early and was sitting there waiting for me.

The restaurant was nicely chosen by the consultant as the environment and food were good. They had arranged a corner table for us so that we could have a nice chat and we did (we were the last customers to leave the restaurant).

During the meal, we shared a lot of our views. I was glad that he is a food lover as well. After the meal, he walked me back to the station as it was quite windy and raining that night. We needed to take a detour to the station, but this also gave us more time to get to know each other. He was a true gentleman. It was indeed a romantic and memorable date for us.

After our 1st date, the consultant called us often for feedback and followed up on us as they saw that our feedback to each other was positive. They kept encouraging us to go further. So, we went for a 2nd date (and continued dating after that). Things are going very well. He is a lovely and dependable guy. I am so happy to find my special half.

Suan & Erin

I was pretty reluctant to sign up with esync at the beginning. I signed up with another online matchmaking site previously, and my experiences were terrible. I was thinking, "Nah. This is probably just another typical site where the candidates are not looking for a genuine partner." After a while, the initial reluctance wore off, and I felt comfortable with the dating consultants in esync.

So, I decided to give online matchmaking a second try. I told myself that not all companies are the same and that this will be the last try. Indeed, it turned out to be my last attempt. I met Suan via esync. Before the date, I was keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that it wouldn't turn out to be another bad/scary experience. When my date arrived, I felt reassured. He looked even more nervous than me!

Little did I know at that moment, that my date would become my future husband.

I had a great time, we talked and laughed a lot. Dinner lasted for about 1.5hours, and we proceeded for coffee/juice at Starbucks for about another 1.5hours-2 hours. I totally forgot about the time, and I was surprised at myself for feeling a little reluctant to leave. I felt entirely at ease with my date. Before we left, he asked for my number, and I was elated, though I refrained from smiling too much at that moment (hey, I didn't wanna show too much interest on the first date). He was such a gentleman and walked me to my car too!

Today, we are soon-to-be husband and wife. He proposed during our anniversary. I was surprised and absolutely elated. This time I smiled from ear to ear and couldn't stop laughing.

I am definitely looking forward to the times together ahead, and just like any other successful marriage, it takes two to tango ~ we are prepared to play our part in taking responsibilities and creating a family.

Now, I tell my friends and colleagues who are still in search of a life partner to consider esync, and not to be afraid of the lengthy questionnaire because it is a blessing in disguise! I am actually smiling as I am writing this story, and hope that those who are single can find love and happiness in their lives as well.

Jenny & Kib

He is the most amazing guy that I have met. He's down to earth, honest, sincere and we have a great time together.

We had our 2nd date on the same day and spent the rest of the day together. Really appreciate that he made the effort to meet me even after a long flight from Paris without rest and sleep. I really like him a lot and I am sure that he will be a great partner.

Thank you esync for the arrangement and helping us find each other. Now that I'm in a happy relationship, I believe that true love really does exist.

Cindy & Ernie

At the beginning, I saw Ernie in esync's list of matches. We exchanged photos and asked Q&As. One day, Ernie sent me a request for a date and I approved his request. After that, Yvonne from esync contacted me and arranged the schedule for our date.

Before the date, I felt nervous yet excited. After I saw Ernie's photos, I had a good feeling about him. Also, in our Q&A exchange, we asked each other around 100 questions. We had an initial understanding about each other and I felt that his personality is very suitable for me. It made me look forward to the date and made me want to get to know him better!

Finally, the day of our date came and we met in a restaurant for dinner. Ernie met all my expectations! During the dinner, Ernie was detail-oriented, talkative and humorous. As it was CNY eve, we went to a new year market for a walk after the dinner. Victoria Park was very crowded. Ernie was afraid that I would fell down since I was wearing high heels. Hence, he held my hands and we continued walking around, hand in hand.

Ernie told me that I am his ideal type when he saw my profile, photos and Q&As. After the date, he felt that our personality really do jive and we suit each other.

To celebrate our first Valentine's Day, we chose to travel to a country that we never been to. I have high hopes that he's the one I'll spend my life with.

esync is like the cupid in Roman fairy tales connecting Ernie and I in real life. Thanks for your date arrrangement!

Pam & Li

Pam: I've never tried online dating or the likes before as I was wary about them. My female friend told me about esync & we thought it seemed reputable after doing a bit of research. So we signed up & as cliche as it sounds, the rest is history... for both of us!

I'd have to thank an earlier mutual match that our date didn't materialise. Else I wouldn't have met Li. We met last May, and 2 months later we dated exclusively. Time flies, and we've been together for almost a year. Li is such a sincere, good-natured, sweet and loving guy. He has an excellent sense of humour & never fails to make me laugh, which I genuinely appreciate. We share a lot in common. Being together has brightened up our lives and made us very happy.

A big thank u to esync for being our Cupid!

Li: I'd also like to thank you and esync for introducing me to Pam. She's considerate, kind-hearted, and an excellent communicator. She's all that I need to be happy, and I'm always feeling grateful for that fact.

The whole process, from the moment that I signed up, to eventually finding, and going steady with her is almost flawless. My only dislike about their service was that the date venues felt a bit repetitive. However, I really appreciated the tips and dating advice Marissa shared with me when I signed up. Also, I liked the date feedback process from esync - we can refine our preferences based on what we liked and disliked from each date.

Marissa really cares about what she does. That's one of the reasons why I would recommend esync to anyone who is single and searching. Thank you Marissa for your excellent service.

"Good conversationalist, we had a lot in common. Definitely the same wavelength." - Amanda

"We spent almost 3 hours talking on various topics and got her contact to fix another date." - Alan C.

"Ever since joining esync last year, it has helped me boost my confidence in meeting other singles on this dating platform.

esync has helped me expand the size and quality of my social circle." - Vic.

"Nice date.....chatty and cheerful... qualities that I like :)" - Nick T.

"Had a nice chat with him as we have quite a number of common topics." - Jocelyn C.

"We were able to talk about a wide range of topics and the conversation flowed easily." - Tan S.Y.

"We had a great time as we share the same interests. Thank you so much for arranging this date!" - Andrea

"The date went quite smoothly with good conversation throughout the date. I felt comfortable and at ease during the date." - Ng C.

"The after-sales support by esync had proved to be helpful. The dating tips given by the consultant are useful for my dating experience.

Thumbs up to my dating consultant who has been so friendly and helpful to me." - V.T.

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