Your Love Life Needs These 7 New Year’s Resolutions in 2019!

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions about love, singles often make the mistake of just making one or two big ones, such as “I will be in a committed relationship this year” or “I will find my future spouse this year”.

The problem with these types of resolutions is that they seem very overwhelming without a clear direction on how you’re supposed to attain your goal. Starting off your year by hoping to find love is great. However, if you do not follow your resolution through with achievable steps and a clear plan, your big resolution will only remain a dream.

Instead of giving yourself pressure with such big resolutions, what singles should do is make smaller resolutions and goals instead. These are easily fulfilled if you make the effort to keep up with them, and achieving these smaller goals will motivate you to keep up with the rest of your resolution for the year!

Here are seven amazing and achievable New Year’s resolutions you can make so that you can be in your best state to find love!

1 – Shift Your Mindset from “Taking” to “Giving”

Mistakes singles and even couples often make are that they are focused on ‘taking’ – expecting their partner to fulfill all their desires, wants and needs, and becoming upset when they are not being met all the time.

However, in this new year, strive to change that mindset and focus on ‘giving’ values in all relationships in our lives – be it friendship, or romantic relationship. There are a lot of ways to add values: by helping them when they come to us with a problem, listening, being encouraging and optimistic, or even paying someone a compliment.

2 – Keep a Romantic and Realistic Expectation on What You Want vs Need in a Partner

Make a plan and really think about what you want vs what you need in a partner. It is normal for everyone to have an image of the perfect partner in their mind. Whether it’s looks, income, or something else, everyone can easily list out what they want from their life partner.

Yet, while you are doing the choosing, others will also be choosing you too. If you want to date only your ideal partner, they may only remain an ‘ideal’ forever.

Think about three must-haves, and three deal breakers, and be flexible about the rest. If you think about it, women usually want guys who are at least 180cm; but really, what if he is not as tall? What would that extra 5cm matter in the long run?

And, if your first impression of someone is not that great, don’t write them off immediately. At the very least, everyone deserves a second chance. Few marriages are results of love at first sight. Most of the time, it will take a few dates for both parties to get to know each other.

3 – Let Go of Your Emotional Baggage

Sometimes, all that is stopping you from moving forward to a new romance is your past. You may not even realise how your past is stopping you from finding someone new, even though you think you’re over it.

For example, if you meet someone new and you find yourself always comparing him/her to your ex, it is not a healthy habit. Of course, any new persons will not compare to the long history that you have had with your ex, so why even try? You will only end up sabotaging any new relationship that you have.

So, stop comparing and truly, let go of the past. Accept that, to start new, you must be ready to turn over the leaf and give that new person a fair chance.

4 – Pick Up a New Skill/Hobby This Year

There is always something new to learn no matter which state of life you are in. It is vital that you constantly improve yourself and embrace changes in this world, not just for your love life, but also for yourself as well. Learning new skills can do wonders to your resume, and it can also help you meet new like-minded people to expand your social circles with.

Most importantly, it’s time for you. Pick something that you’ve always wanted to do, or something that you’d enjoy doing. When you meet someone new, it’s always very attractive for the other person to see that you have a lot of things going on in your life and that you’re invested in pursuing your passion (or just trying out new experiences.)

5 – Go on a New Date At Least Once a Month

first date questions

If you’re single, it will be great to make a point to go out on a date at least once a month in 2019. Get a friend to introduce you to someone new, join social events, or pluck up the courage to approach someone new and strike up a conversation.

When you think about it – every relationship starts with a simple introduction.

Chances are, one of these new dates may evolve into a committed relationship. However, if you do not even try to go out on dates and get to know new people, that committed relationship will not materialise too.

6 – Embrace Nature and Do an Activity Outdoor Three Hours a Week

You do not have to be a sports-junkie to appreciate the outdoor. Seeing greens and breathing fresh air is good for the soul, especially when we usually spend most of our days in an air-conditioned room in the office.

If you find yourself spending too much time inside, make a conscious effort to get out of the house; whether it’s jogging or cycling through the city to exercise, or simply walking instead of taking the car to check out the new café in town.

Who knows, you may meet interesting people and make new friends along the way as well!

7 – Keep a Healthy Body and Mind

It’s true that a healthy body supports a healthy mind, and vice versa. Your emotions can affect your health as well. So love your body; drink more water, eat better, exercise regularly, sleep well and surround yourself with positivity and positive people!

And also by limiting the alcohol you drink, you also reduce the chances of making bad choices that you might regret later!

Well, we hope all of you have a great 2019 and there’s no time like now to search for your special someone!

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