What Dating Apps and Algorithms Don’t Tell You – Violet Lim at TEDxNTU

Technology has successfully brought together countless of connections.

However, dating apps are corporations.

The technology created is meant to maximise revenues, profits, app usage and keep you online as long as possible.

Strange as it sounds, whether an individual dater succeeds or not, that’s not always their no.1 priority.

At our offline dating service, we always insist on a blind date as we do not want our clients to be judged by photos alone.

When you meet in person, you are not just another image to be swiped right or left. You are not just another pixel that is manipulated to look attractive.

When you meet in person, you are not attract your looks; you also attract with your voice, your personality, your composure and your personal story.

Use technology for what it has to offer. But, please do not leave your love life to algorithms alone. Do not get sucked into the vortex of swiping and chatting because dating that stays online stays superficial.

Stack the odds in your favour by meeting in person as quickly as possible.

Seek out opportunities for face to face encounters.

Because what dating apps and algorithms do not tell you is… true love happens offline.

Watch the full video of Co-Founder and CEO of esync, Violet Lim at TEDxNTU stage and share with your comments down below!

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