The Duo That Makes Us Want to Retire Being Single

‘Cause I don’t care when I’m with my baby, yeah

All the bad things disappear

Yeah, you’re making me feel like maybe I am somebody

I can deal with the bad nights when I’m with my baby, yeah


Leave to Mr Sheeran to pluck our heart’s strings so effortlessly (especially with that suit and tie!) Now add Justin Bieber (diving into the married life) into the mix and you know for a fact we don’t stand a chance! Talk about Dynamic Duo!

Ed Sheeran’s I Don’t Care featuring Justin Bieber has been playing all over, over and over and we are NOT complaining! The upbeat music to the beautiful lyrics (the music video is soo adorable too!) gives the term “love song” a fun twist.

So, what is the song about? Basically Sheeran and Bieber talks about how with the right person, even the worst situation will not seem so bad. Where can we find romantic guys like these two??

In the spirit of this beautiful song, we came up with 5 reasons why two is better than one.


  1. Your Very Own Cheerleader


Life can be hard as it is but it gets so much better being loved by somebody, yeah? Sometimes we crave for that someone to share the little wins and heal the little wounds. Sharing your day and everything it comes with can take the weight off your shoulders a little bit. Especially with someone who has your back and always has your best interests in their heart. When you have a bad day at the office, when you start to feel your confidence just draining a little by little, when you have a lot more questions than answers in life, it’s always nice to have someone on the other side of the door greeting you with a smile and promise that everything is going to be alright.


  1. You Grow More As A Person


Nothing grows in the comfort zone. As much as relationship is about compromise and understanding each other, in the process you learn and be better so much individually as well. Relationship makes you think about another person and how you genuinely have the want and need to make their life happier and better. For an example, when you have an argument with your partner, at some point you try to give in and find a solution for the issue because at the end of the day, it’s not about who is winning, it is about who is hurting. And being in a relationship teaches you to put someone else’s needs feelings before yours.


  1.  Someone To Steal Food From…..


Oh did I say steal? My bad guys! I meant SHARE. If you think this isn’t worthy of a reason, well, IT IS. Imagine never having to choose between two things you want to eat because now you get to have them BOTH! Isn’t it a perfect plan? Pigging out with the love of your life WITH the love of your life! (food and boo).


  1. Best Travel Buddy You Could Ask For


The world is an adventure and what could be better than having someone to take on that journey with! From long term planned trips to spontaneous ones, having your partner to take on the world with can be so exciting.  You learn about each other when dealing with situations and the most important part is you take care of each other and in a land of strangers, your home is right next to you.


  1. Netflix and chill


Okay okay, before you get ahead of yourself I really mean someone to snuggle and watch a movie with. THAT’S ALL. Rainy day or on a lazy Sunday, you have your snuggle buddy to just kick back and relax with. No matter what kind of soft toy you have, I’m sure it’s not going to be a good comparison to your partners warmth and back rubs!

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