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There comes a point in life where meeting strangers on your night out and getting ghosted after a right swipe becomes old and more importantly TIRING! So you try finding someone on Instagram and Facebook, but honestly, how cautious can you be talking to a stranger online?

In a world where you can be ANYONE behind your screen, not many choose to be themselves (in a bad way). So here’s a little help to navigate you to your very own ride to the sunset.


Being led by the Lunch Actually Group, esync is the most promising dating agency growing under Violet Lim, who is a Certified Matchmaker from the New York Matchmaking Institute. While she was acing it in Law at the University of Manchester in the UK, as well as a Master’s degree in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management at the London School of Economics, she couldn’t deny her true passion and decided to venture into a dating agency with her husband. Now they have their service launched in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Thailand with over 100,000 dates arranged!

So, how does it work? In 4 simple steps.


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Before even thinking about finding a date, this agency emphasizes on knowing yourself first. To help you with that, you will be given a carefully constructed personality quiz that comprises the analysis of 16 different areas of your individuality. By the time you’re done, you’d learn things about yourself that you haven’t thought about before.


The next stage is where esync does its magic and find you a list of dates that meet your criteria and the result of your personality test. You will also be shown the compatibility score between the two of you so you can see which areas you share the most common interest in (it would be the perfect icebreaker for your date!)


Going for a date can be super nerve-wracking, that’s why esync provides dating tips and advice to help you work the nerves, apart from other services like makeover sessions. Feel free to ask questions or share your concerns with your esync consultant. They ARE there to help with any reservations you have. Or the little butterflies flying in your stomach. I mean, when you have your own personal professionals there to guide you, why wouldn’t you get their help?


dating site

One of the most difficult things to decide when you’re planning for a date is the place. Setting a date is not just about finding a spot, you need a place that has class but at the same time, you would want to be comfortable with your date. DON’T WORRY. esync takes the liberty of finding you the perfect first-date spot, all you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself.

dating site

esync provides all the convenience that online dating would without the downside of getting scammed by strangers. That means no random swiping or empty chats for an ego boost at YOUR expense, no catfishing (where you might end up as a meme at the end of the day) and DEFINITELY no ghosting when you finally feel things might be heading somewhere.

Dating could not be made simpler and safer because at esync, YOU are the priority. So what are you waiting for, create a profile and find your perfect match!

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