Peter & Bunny (Married)

Peter’s Testimonial

I joined different dating websites over the past 3 years, and I was unable to find someone suitable for me. I did not want to settle in a relationship. Fortunately, I found esync. They are different from other dating agencies as they only set us up with compatible matches. I decided to sign up for a 1-year package and finally found the love of my life, Bunny. She is delightful, kind and beautiful. After our first date, my instincts told me that she was just the girl I was looking for.

Bunny’s Testimonial

In my opinion, the biggest obstacle to meeting your other half is yourself. If I had not signed up to esync, I would not have met Peter and I would not be as happy as I am today. I am sharing my joy and happiness with you in hopes that it will inspire you to put yourself out there, and take a step towards love.

esync Success Couple Peter and Bunny Married