Online Dating: Does It Work?

For the uninitiated, online dating means meeting people online.

Some of the most popular online dating sites are probably,, and even companies in Asia have come up with online dating platforms for singles in the region, one of them is esync – where you complete an online personality quiz and the system will recommend compatible matches for you to choose from, all with the help of real dating consultants.

online dating

Many women have had bad experiences with online dating or have heard horror stories surrounding online dating. Again, there are always pros and cons to every dating model out there.

The reasons online dating has taken the world by storm are:


You can find hundreds of thousands of singles online looking for love. No other dating service can come close to matching the volume of different types of men you can quickly reach online. For those of you who have been dating the same type of men repeatedly (you know what I am talking about), this is an opportunity to tap into new groups of men outside your regular social circle.

Convenience. You can log in anywhere and anytime.

The online site is on 24/7. You can log in at home, in the office, when you are on holiday.


Compared with other forms of dating services, online dating is not costly. This is also because online dating is mostly self-service. Gender ratio is in your favour (for ladies).

So for women, if you have been feeling rather neglected lately, online dating is a sure way to boost your ego, as there are more men than women using online dating. In fact, 60 per cent or more are men.

However, here are the reasons that some women detest the typical online dating sites:

No verification.

As any Tom, Dick and Harry can sign up on a dating website at any time, there is limited verification of his identity. Is he 30 or 13? Is he single or ‘married but available’? Is he 178cm tall or is his height actually 168cm?

Confidentiality can be compromised.

In order for online dating to work, you have to post your photo and your profile. Some women are worried about uploading their photos as they prefer that their friends, colleagues or acquaintances not know that they are single and searching.

Now that you know the pros and cons, and are still game to try online dating, here are some strategies to help you jump-start your online dating experience!

1. Conduct ‘market research’ to assess the online marketplace.

There are general and niche sites such as online dating for dog lovers, online dating for divorcees and so on. Shortlist two or three sites that resonate with you and your needs. Check out the various online dating sites. See if you like the look and feel. Read about other singles’ experiences on the sites. You are likely to read some great reviews and not-so-good ones. That’s normal, since these sites have hundreds of thousands of members.

2. Register with a large online dating site.

I would advise that you register with a site that has more than 10,000 members. The reason is, you are going to spend the same amount of effort in your endeavour, so it is better you cast your net wider.

3. Carefully prepare and post a fabulous photo of yourself.

Set aside one or two more back-up photos that are ‘realistic’ but with you still looking good. When it comes to photos, make sure that your face can be seen. Do not choose a photo where your face is one-tenth of the entire photo, or you are wearing sunglasses. And a photo where you are smiling is likely to be more attractive and inviting.

If verification and safety is important for you, nowadays there are online dating sites that actually filter out their members. These sites, like esync, is geared towards more serious singles, so they can be assured that they won’t be catfished! if this is our concern, definitely do your research and join online dating that would make you feel safe and comfortable.

online dating

I have personally known many couples who met through online dating sites and they went on to get married, have babies, and so on. So if you ask me how I feel about online dating, I say, great! I believe it can work! It really gives singles more avenues to find love!

It’s about choosing the right online dating sites and meeting the people that you’re talking to, as soon as possible in real life, where it matters.

If you want to try online dating, esync may be a good platform to try! It has real consultants verifying every profile, and they will also help you arrange real dates!

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