No matches on online dating site? Here’s what you can do now!

The holiday season is coming. All the single people, I’m pretty sure you know what’s potential ahead of you. The cute Christmas pictures your friends take with their partner, the family occasions where the endless stream of “When are you going to meet someone?” and of course mistletoes with nobody to share a kiss with.

The worst part is, YOU are trying to change all that. You have a profile registered on Tinder, OkCupid, esync, LunchClick, you name it. So, why isn’t it working?

Sure, timing plays a big part when it comes to meeting “the one” BUT you still have to play your part right to optimize your chances. That’s where we come in, your keyboard wingman!

Let’s get started, shall we? Since we’re rooting for LOVE, I’ve made it simple and broken it down to 5 simple steps. We’ll call it the Golden Rules, okay?

1 – Put up a GREAT(ER) profile picture

online dating site

As much as what’s on the inside matters more, a beautifully wrapped present always gets more attention. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, HOWEVER, how you present yourself is VITAL. Especially when it comes to online dating, you have to jump through so many hurdles just to get a chance to show your inside (it sounds wrong but you know what I mean!)

So, don’t just take a selfie at the moment and use it as a profile picture, at the same time, don’t go making odd hand signs like a teenager. It’s all about finding the perfect balance. Your picture needs to say something about you and look genuine. Make sure you look approachable and warm so a good smile and a good angle are the keys here!

2 – What does your profile name say about you?

online dating site

I cannot stress how important this is.


Setting up a dating profile is like setting up your resume, it has to be the best representation of yourself. So hold back BIG TIME on names like “playerboy69” or “cutiepwincess2938494” (unfortunately this isn’t an exaggeration).  I mean how would the other person even address you if for some reason they decide to reach out? They’ll probably think you’re some sort of a scam profile or worst……a kid.

Let your name stand bold and strong, it will exude confidence and more importantly, MATURITY.

3 – Write an attractive bio – but NO LIE

online dating site

You know how when someone asks you what’s your favourite movie or song, your mind suddenly can’t think of a single one to name? That’s how it can be when you’re filling out the bio on your profile. You’ve spent your whole life with yourself but answering the simple question to describe yourself can make you feel stuck. That’s normal but DON’T succumb to pressure and start writing things that don’t exactly capture your essence.

Keep it simple. Keep it compact. Don’t write it like it’s an essay competition, a little mystery is always good 😉

Don’t be shy to ask help from people you’re close to. If they CHOOSE to be your friends, there might be things they see in you that you might have overlooked. Just remember to not oversell or exaggerate matter because the main goal here is to get people to approach you.

4 – Is your expectations right?

online dating site

Physical attraction is very important. Let’s face it, we all have a type, having said that in 30 years we’re all going to reaching the senior citizen title and be filled with wrinkles and loose skin. The one thing that will still be attractive over time is the personality. So, of course, approach someone you find attractive but it shouldn’t be your only criterion. Especially if you’re looking for something long-term.

Being with a person that can keep the conversation going is soooo underrated. Imagine you missing out on someone who shares your sense of humour, your TV shows AND CAN DECIDE WHERE TO EAT just because your priority was only on the looks. Those kinds of ships don’t turn around once they sail.

5 – Don’t hesitate to make the first move

online dating site

Rejection is a scary thing. Whether it’s concerning your professional life or personal. It shouldn’t be a reason not to try though. Send the first chat, make the first approach, be the first person to make the move because why not? What is the worst that could happen? Really? You’ll not get a reply? Big deal, at least you won’t have to spend time worrying about the “what ifs” or beating yourself up when it’s too late.

There is someone for everyone out there and if you start actively looking that’s half the battle. Put yourself out there and see where it takes you. Definitely a lot further than where you started. And it’s a numbers game so the more chats you send out, the higher chance you have in getting a reply.

So loves, stick to these Golden Rules and you have a great chance of finding that special one that you question their very existence. Love is a beautiful thing and you shouldn’t rob yourself the opportunity of experiencing its magic!

Go get em’!


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