Five Moments That Basically Sum Up Your Free Dating Experience

Let’s just say we share similarities in our free dating experience.

free dating

Free texting, free search, no credit card required. Sounds normal and familiar, no? You hang out with your friends but there you are, swiping.

You’ve put on a facial mask to relax and your hands are so free you started texting guys, one after another. Let’s not forget about the toilet session where you start thinking about your next best pickup line. There’s really nothing odd about that whole flirty situation, right?

Not until you find yourself having these 5 moments when you’re on your free dating experience.

1. “Why are they all just looking for sex?”

It’s all good until they start sexting me. I mean, come on, I’m open-minded but I’m not open to having sex with whomever I chat with and I’m looking for a long-term relationship. Not unless we’re really seeing each other, to a certain extent. There has to be that chemistry first. And even if all dating apps have privacy policies, few employ HTTPS, which helps keep information safe on the Internet. So nope, not taking that risk.

2. “I’m probably fishing in the wrong pond.”

So, here I am genuinely looking for men who are also genuinely interested with striking an interesting conversation. And they start asking me about my body measurements, or even asking to send some money due to an emergency, only to disappear after receiving them. Scammers are everywhere, possibly even that guy who you think is really cool. Look, guys, will you cut me some slack? I’m just really here to find a connection: love.

3. “Hey, this dude’s pretty cool.”

But once in a while I’ll find myself a really decent guy whom I’ve foreseen I could bring back home to meet Mum. He’s decent-looking, polite, actually texts me regularly to keep the conversation flowing, doesn’t straight on ask for sex. Though it’s important to be very cautious in the app as your data will stay there forever, even if you delete it. Or better yet, exchange numbers.

4. “Actually, no.”

…that’s because this could inadvertently lead to us having the ‘shopper mentality’. We have been spoilt for choice when it comes to the dating world. With just one touch of the finger, we are judging potential dates based on their appearance, their written bio, their way of keeping the conversation together; like how we’re trying new clothes to see which fits. Almost everyone who uses free apps would be sinned for doing so. But such is life.

5. “90% match with theguynextdoor69. Seriously?”

Okay, maybe the app really is making fun of me. Just because we’ve gone to the same college and speak the same language, that doesn’t mean I might be interested in you… It takes a lot to gauge whether two people are compatible with each other. So, the scientific algorithm they have on the site/app really isn’t that convincing. Let’s talk and we’ll see where it goes, eh?

And that would kind of sum up a typical free dating experience that you and I have in common. Sure, there have been success stories from free dating experiences but we can’t deny the disappointing moments we have to endure.

Needless to say, paid dating sites/apps may not be the best solution for every single person, but opting for this alternative could probably work for you. There clearly isn’t any one-size-fits-all formula, so you’ll just need to try because there will always be a way that fits everyone.

When it’s a paid service, in a way, the quality of people you meet will be different too. They would be more genuine and serious in finding a long-term partner, because really, if you just want to hook up or look for casual dates, there are so many free options out there!

So, if you’re tired of free dating and singles with zero commitment (and effort), you can try esync, an online matchmaking platform that verifies users and matches you only with compatible matches. Furthermore, their dating consultant will ensure real dates happen!

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