[esync Success Couple] Macy & Chris


就如好多單身一族一樣,工作繁忙,生活圈子窄,很難識新對象。 與拍拖多年的男友分手後,差不多2年都未有找到合適的對象。快到30歲的我,眼見朋友們一個一個地結婚,心中難免有點酸溜溜的。

一次朋友聚會中,朋友談及舊同學在esync識到男朋友, 下月他們就結婚了,而且男方條件不俗。我本來不以為意, 但朋友們罕有地大力提議我試試參加esync,希望我可以找到另一半。我對她們的提議感到驚訝,因為她們從來不會跟我談及此類話題。 聽到她們異口同聲的推薦 , 我想這可能是上天的一個安排,所以同日就上網登記做esync的會員。

Chris是我第一位約會的對象, 他是一位醫生, 溫文又帶點害羞,有著很強的分析力,言談間展現魅力。我感到好奇,像他條件那麼好的男士竟然會參加Online Dating。

原來Chris剛被感情背叛, 朋友不忍見他意志消沉,便邀請他參加esync的Online Dating。 就是這樣,我遇上了這位聰明能幹,卻又溫柔貼心的大男孩。


Macy’s Testimonial

I was just like a lot of the singles out there. I have a lot of work and I have a small social circle. I also hardly meet new people. After breaking up with my boyfriend whom I dated for many years, I could not find a suitable boyfriend. I was single for almost 2 years. I started seeing my friends getting married one by one and I realized that I should try to find someone.

During a gathering session with my schoolmates, my friends talked about an old classmate who met her current boyfriend from esync, and they are getting married next month! The guy is financially stable and really appreciates her. I didn’t really pay much attention to it, but my friends strongly recommended me to join esync. I was surprised by their reaction because they hardly talk to me about such topics. I thought this may be a sign from God. So on the same day, I registered to be an esync member.

Chris was my first date. He is a doctor and is a bit shy. He is highly analytical and charming. I was curious. Why is a man like him still single?

It turns out that Chris had been cheated on by his ex-girlfriend. His friends couldn’t bear to see him upset, so they invited him to join esync’s dating platform. I was only his second date on esync, so esync’s compatibility pairing system really works!

We are now happily engaged thanks to esync. We highly recommend you to try it out. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet the right one.

Macy & Chris Casual Date

Macy & Chris Casual Date