[esync Success Couple] Conlay & April

Conlay’s Testimonial:

I was working at a property development company. Things were going great for me. I had supportive family and friends, a growing career with stable income. I wanted to settle down and start a family, but I couldn’t to find the right one.

One day, while watching TV drama ‘Table for Two’ on NTV7 (that was in 2014), I learned about Esynchrony (“esync”). I registered for their membership and was considering whether to subscribe to their dating package. Their dating consultant, Marissa gave me a call to explain their services. I decided to give it a try – and I’m lucky I did!

After signing up for their dating package, I started going on dates! On my 6th date, I met April. Actually, our date ALMOST didn’t happen… Things kept coming up and we kept rescheduling our date. Luckily, our dating consultants, Marissa and Jessie followed up with us to make our date happen! Finally, we met each other at The Gardens.

Even from our first date, we had chemistry. We were both very open-minded and talked so much about our families, our lifestyle, our career goals and relationship expectations. I think that the esync matching system really works! We went on more dates and started our relationship soon after. Even though I was from Johor Bahru, I drove to Kuala Lumpur twice a month to see April. Driving to KL was tiring, but I knew it was worth the effort.

We both love travelling. While we were dating, we went to Desaru, Bangkok and Bali together. Travelling with her made me more certain that she was the girl for me, so I proposed and we got married late 2016. April relocated to JB to stay with me – we’re living in JB together now 🙂

To all the singles out there, we definitely recommend you to try esync. There is really no harm to know more people through different channels or platforms. Plus, esync makes sure that the people you date are verified singles and are serious about a relationship. Good luck in your love life.




有一天,我从NTV7电视剧“Table for Two”(2014年)得知Esynchrony(“esync”)的约会服务。我很快地注册了个免费账户,并考虑是否要成为他们的正式会员、去约会。他们的约会顾问,Marissa打电话给我,并向我解释他们的服务。我决定试一试!现在回想,真是幸亏加入了esync,不然就错过April了!

我签了他们的约会配套,就开始去约会了!我对他们的配对还算满意,不过没有什么感觉,直到我遇见了April。其实,我们的约会日期一直因为私事而延后,差点就见不成了!幸运的是,我们的约会顾问Marissa和Jessie和我们跟进,让我们成功去约会!我们第一次约会的地点是Fresca,The Gardens。



至天下所有的单身人士,我们推荐你尝试esync。通过不同的渠道或平台认识更多的对象真的没有什么不好。更何况,esync还能确保和你出去的人都合法单身,且认真开始一段感情。 ;)祝大家好运,感情开花结果!

esync Success Couple Conlay & April esync Success Couple Conlay & April