[esync Success Couple] Belle & Edwin

Belle’s Testimonial:

As a single woman, I wanted to know more people. Now, I’m a married woman thanks to esync!

I met my husband Edwin on 18th January 2015. I still remember the restaurant venue – it was Prive at CHIJMES. We actually met up for lunch, and of course, I did not know what to expect.

Next thing I know, we also went to a movie AND dinner afterwards, and we walked around and chatted until it was 10PM. I guess you can say we connected really well. In fact, I felt like it was fated. It was like we had known each other for a long time before.

Yet, we did not become exclusive immediately. Edwin only asked me to be his girlfriend on our 20th meeting! I guess he wanted to be really sure before we became exclusive – he made up for it by asking me at MBS Skypark, which I found romantic.

I love that Edwin is dependable, kind-hearted, and generous. We both remain committed and willing to make our relationship work, despite some disputes and quarrels now and then.

I was a single looking for love, and I’m glad I found it in Edwin. To all singles out there, always be open to meet more people. For those looking for love digitally, remember to keep an open mind no matter how their pictures or profile may be like initially. You never know who may win your heart.










esync Success Couple Belle and Edwin esync Success Couple Belle and Edwin