Dating Sites: Should We Pay For Them? Yes, and Here’s Why

So… why pay for love?

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Finding love can be really tricky, especially when you’re contemplating whether or not you should pay for them. And you’ve got your fair share of meeting weird psychos from free dating apps, so you’re probably reluctant to try out a paid service. But then again, you know people who actually pay thousands to a dating agency, so you think you might just go for it. Maybe. What’s there to lose, right? You’re just afraid to try; to love again.

But yes, you definitely should. In fact, there’s no harm joining an online paid dating site because you want to find love. In fact, our online dating site – esync – is one good example to which you’ll find better matches and potential soulmates.

I’ll list down some key advantages of paid dating sites – along with one scenario – so you’ll have a clearer understanding of them.

Scenario: You found a dating site, paid and chatted with some guys.

Benefit #1: Better flow of communication

Most free apps have limited features (one of which you’ll need to pay to reply messages).

So… the feeling of missing an opportunity of a lifetime was getting the better of you, hence, you upgraded to the premium membership. If you had only focused on using free dating sites, you probably won’t find out that this guy actually has a great sense of humour and is also a volunteer for the orphanage project in Cambodia. You’ll only get to suss this out when you’ve established a deeper connection with each other. This was, in fact, a better approach because a paid service that undergoes vetting and verifications by dating consultants mean that matches you meet would tend to be more serious and legitimate. So, naturally you’ll have better conversations. And that’s when you started texting whenever you like!

Benefit #2: No catfishing, no hook-ups, commitment ensured

… soon, you found yourself texting for hours and even meeting them in real life. Turns out it wasn’t that bad after all. You thank the universe that you paid for the dating service! For once, they’re not asking you for your body measurements and where to have sex in the first few lines into the conversation. And, unlike the weirdos you meet on free dating sites, these dudes are genuinely interested to meet you as well. Now, that’s a plan you’d be happy to pay.

Verdict: try esync. It gives us the freedom to choose who we want to date; all done discreetly through phone calls with the dating consultant, which could avoid embarrassment. And perhaps best of all, is that the people on paid apps are there to commit, not to hook up, and catfishing are little to none. This is because all profiles go through verification of the dating consultants to make sure matches are genuine, and they’ll have them arranged for you.

Benefit #3: Expanding social circle to like-minded people

Even if the dates might not turn out the way you expected them to be, fret not. They could still come in handy in your contacts book, and you might never know you’ll end up having a career of a lifetime, all thanks to that dude you met. Or things went extremely well, and you realized that he is really passionate about creating change within the education field, just like your similar passion for tutoring kids in the rural areas. Together, you’ll have same goals and this would go far, you thought. Regardless, you are meeting people you don’t normally meet – and you both click – whether it’s because of the similarities or the differences. And that would still be a win-win situation.

And if all things fail, the more old-fashioned way of going through a dating agency could work wonders too! You could just head on over to Lunch Actually if you want genuine matches!

Before ending the article, I thought I’d share a piece of advice to you readers too: try to do a little research about the app/ site before proceeding to pay for them. Read some reviews and see whether they’re worthy of your money. You wouldn’t want to throw away all the effort of the hard-earned money to an app which appears to be fake, would you?

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