Are You Ready for a Relationship?

The first response would be YES because why not, right? How can one really be prepared to be in a relationship? If there is a mutual liking then BOOM; relationship!


Getting into a relationship will only get toxic for the both of you if you’re not prepared for it. As much as physical appearance can create a very intense and steamy relationship, at the end of the day you need someone reliable and steady. More importantly, YOU need to be that person for your potential partner too. So, here’s a little checklist for you to cross (hopefully you are able to!) before you let someone else in.

1.You be the best you can….for yourself


As much as you want to give and be everything for your partner, it has to start within you. If you’re looking for someone else to come and “complete” you then you’re probably looking for a life coach, not a life partner. Of course it’s important to be each other’s support system but that happens AFTER the relationship is established. You can’t love someone else until you learn to love yourself. As cliche as it sounds, before starting a romantic relationship or getting into a long term commitment, it is vital that you have a healthy relationship with YOURSELF.

2. You value communication

No matter how old you are, there are going to be days you throw tantrums and don’t feel like dealing with things like a “proper adult”. BUT you have come to the realization that communication is far more productive than toxic trait of holding grudges. You are able to put your negative emotions aside for the most part to able to sit and analyze the situation and talk to your partner. When you can talk openly and honestly with each other, hurdles would just seem like an adventure together.

3. You’re ready to accept someone as they are.

You understand that people are different and not always to your favour AND YOU ACCEPT that. It doesn’t mean you are ready to be someone’s doormat but you are mentally and emotionally more open towards your potential partner’s flaws and shortcomings.  As you start to spend time with each other when you first enter into a relationship, everything will seem perfect. That’s the honeymoon phase that we all know all too well. What matters is the after-effect. When they leave the dishes in the sink, when they chew with their mouth open; all the little things that could drive you mad but in way is also a reason you fell for that person. You have to be able to take the good with the bad. Not just in theory.

3.You are ready to commit to a serious relationship.

Everything is ready….eexxeeccpt for a date! You keep trying to find someone but there isn’t anyone that really syncs with you. You’re done with the string of flings, now you want a relationship that is mature and away from the childish drama. Your idea of a date changes from “Netflix and chill” to an actual meal and conversation. You actually think about potential future with your partner instead of just the physical appearance. In simple words, you appreciate the depth of a connection and not just the heat of the moment.

I’m sure there are many checklist to cross out before committing to a person or a relationship but these three points should give you a good head-start to know if you’re heading down the right path. I mean even if you ARE ready, there are challenges when it comes to finding a decent person whom you are compatible with. A nice face can be easier to find than a nice genuine personality, especially when you’re looking for a romantic partner to spend your future with.

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