8 Christmas Gifts Ideas for Your Significant Other


Ah yes, Christmas is coming and love is in the air! It’s a meaningful time to have precious moments with your significant other (how we wish we can experience White Christmas here in Asia, right?)

However, Christmas can be stressful too when you have no idea what present to get your loved one! Seems that a lot of pressure is hanging in our shoulders to give our partner the best Christmas present!

Well, the dating experts are esync have come up with this Christmas Gift Guide 2018! We’ve gathered some gifts ideas to inspire you in your journey to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend this holiday season!

1) Perfume

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Perfume is the perfect gift for those closest to us. It’s a very thoughtful gift too because you have to choose the scent based on their personality and what they would like. It’s totally personal!

Do you know? Several studies have shown that scent is the sense that’s linked closest to memory. Imagine, how sweet it is when your significant other knows the message behind this gift? And whenever they put on the perfume, they would instantly remember you!

2) Flight Tickets / Mini Getaway

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Christmas is the time for celebration and reunion with closest family and friends. It’s the perfect time to take some days off and spend the holidays with your significant others! Nowadays, with many cheap flight tickets offers, low-cost travelling is no longer a dream! If you are lacking the time or on a tight budget, plan a mini getaway to other states, special resorts or even staycation instead. Your partner will love it!

3) Home Cooked Meal

It’s Christmas! It is expected that most of the restaurants are crowded or maybe fully booked! Have you heard of this quote: ‘A home cooked meal is a labour of love’? Your partner definitely will feel your love by enjoying the meal that you have specially prepared.
*Tips: Just make sure your cookings are edible or else, just order takeout haha! *

4) Chill Pill

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Get a “Chill Pill’ for your partner, if your partner is not chill enough hahaha! Get some of their favourite sweets or chocolates which could help him/her to chill out. Also, leave a creative and fun ‘Prescription’ on the bottle too, maybe with funny instructions on when and how they should enjoy this ‘Chill Pill’. It’s a fun idea to bring some laughter to your loved one!

5) Massage / Spa

Who doesn’t love a good massage? Treat your significant other to a massage or spa; have a moment of relaxation and a great opportunity for both of you to unwind and enjoy being pampered together.

6) Gift Vouchers

If you are unsure about what he/she likes, gift vouchers will never go wrong. For example, you could just get a gift card from the brand that they like or frequently shop from! It’s a win-win situation, right? This gift is a nice and safe option which will prevent you from facing some awkward situations, like buying the wrong gifts, or getting something that your partner already has, or more!

7) Wine

Studies have proved that drinking wine is beneficial to our health such as: preventing heart disease and cancer. If your partner likes wine, get him/her a nice bottle of wine! Enjoy the Christmas night with the wine and cherish the time together.

8) Bracelet / Necklace / Ring

Well, it sounds very normal and mainstream, but this is a classic gift idea that your significant other will definitely love! They are easy to wear and would go with any outfits. Your loved one will think of you every time he/she looks down.

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