The best way to avoid shooting yourself in the foot on a first date is to chill out beforehand, says psychologist Yvonne Thomas, PhD.

Easier said than done right? Sometimes we become caught in our habits so much that it follows us to our dates (uninvited!). But no worries, we came up with 5 basic no-nos during first dates that you can keep it as a checklist the next time you go on a date.

1. NO Money Flashing!

Yes, we get it. You probably want to impress your date or make it clear you’re not a stranger to the finer things in life (kudos to you…) but unless you’re looking for something superficial, go easy of the flashy. Besides, when you try to show off with money, it comes across as if you’re compensating for the lack of personality. It’s okay to plan a nice, fancy date just make sure it’s not ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, mmmkaaay?

2. NO Talking About “The Ex”

Yikes! Touchy subject huh? Well, not anymore cause you’re moving on WITH A DATE already. It’s normal if your date asks about your previous relationship BUT that doesn’t give you the green light to talk trash or go on an endless loop about every detail regarding your previous relationship. Most of the “Tell me about your previous relationship” question is not to find out WHAT you have to say but more towards HOW you say it. Get it?

3. NO negativity about your career

You know what’s the most underrated turn-off? Negativity. People tend to put up with a lot of annoying habits because there is a solution to it, like if you chew with your mouth open then I will use my headphones, if you leave the toothpaste cap off, fine, I will put it back on for you, even if you’re the kind of person to talk during movies, in the name of love someone will put up with that BUT negativity is something that is contagious. So, if you come across as someone who is not passionate about what you do or what you dream to do in the future, chances are that is going to be your last date. #bittertruth

4. NO arriving late

This is just plain rude. I get it, sometimes you can’t help but MAKE SURE to inform them if you’re going to be running late. Actually, you know what. Just don’t be late. Try not to squeeze in other agenda’s before or after your date, that way you can completely focus on looking good, being prepared and most importantly BEING ON TIME. There’s no such thing as fashionably late, it’s just being unconsidered with someone else’s time. Especially if it’s a date to have a meal together, you don’t want to leave your date hungry and angry.

5. NO Checking Your Phone

Phones has become our souls. I can admit without my phone, I feel almost maimed. It pretty much has EVERYTHING in it from apps to games to music. It even comes in handy when you’re trying to avoid someone, all you have to do is pretend to be busy on the phone…see, perfect! But on a date, you’re trying to do the opposite of avoiding someone, so in this equation, phone acts as a foe. If it’s a habit, maybe put the phone in your pocket or your bag, some place it would take an effort to get to the phone. Your date would appreciate it and you’d be surprised to find your date to be more interesting than your phone!

There are a million things that could go wrong during first dates but it helps when you have a guideline of what NOT to do during first dates. If you need help getting your love life jump-started, esync provide personal consultants to help you handpick matches and guide you through your dates.


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