Going on a date can be really nerve-wrecking, let alone planning one! No worries, we got you covered. We came up with 10 unique date ideas that are not only fun but it will NOT break your bank. Ready? Let’s gooooo..

1.Arcade War!


Walking into an arcade is so exhilarating. The lights, the games, the chinking sound of the coins. It’s the perfect place to break the ice and have some real fun. A date at the arcade will bring you back down to memory lane and what’s better than having childish fun with that special someone? 

2.Picnic for two <3


Yogi Bear had the right mindset being obsessed with picnic (baskets). Just being out in the open air and close to nature, brings out a calm and warm vibe to the entire date. Besides, there’s a lot less distraction compared to dining in restaurants so you can give your undivided attention to your cute date. Just make sure to check the weather before you plan your picnic!



EARTH without ART is just EH. No truer words have been spoken. Whether it’s painting a mural together or a ceramic coffee mug, expressing your artistic side (or lack of one in my case) can really help you learn about each other more in depth. I mean, colouring with the person who brings colours your life, how could it possibly go wrong…..right?



There’s more beauty in giving than getting….and also in Liam and Miley’s chemistry but let’s not get into that now. Helping people makes you feel good, it’s scientifically proven. Why not lend a helping hand with your date and give back to society. There are many places that could use help with their service. Find out about shelters and aid agencies in your area and show your date what a sweetheart you are and how rewarding the act of giving can feel 🙂

5. Take your dog for a stroll


In case you haven’t heard, dogs are not just man’s best friend, they also happen to be the best wing-man/woman/(doggo?) you could ever ask for. If you have a dog, this would definitely be a great idea. It would also you a chance to see if your little best friend approves of your date because as a dog owner, it’s a definite deal breaker if my fur buddy doesn’t give my date the approval wag.

6.Museum..A Blast With The Past


This would be a great set up for those who appreciate culture a little more than the rest. Best thing about a date in the museum is that you would never run out of things to talk about! I mean, it’s years and years and yeeeaaarrss of history all locked up in what place! You can create new memories in the midst of exploring old things together.

7. BAE-ke your own pizza


If pizza is bae, imagine pizza WITH bae..that’s back to back on bae-ness. Making your own pizza together is muuuuch more fun than ordering one. Picture all the cute RomCom movies where the couple cook together with an adorable background song playing (TIP: have your playlist ready!). Plus you get to do your own topping! Now you’ll know for sure if your date is a pro-pineapple on pizza kinda person or not! *cue dramatic sound*

8.Record Store Date


Are you a music enthusiast? More importantly, is your date one?? Spend some time at the record store and find out what kind of music he/she is into. It might seem like not a big deal but imagine going on road-trips with a band you hate playing repeat. It’s just a recipe for disaster, trust me! A date at the record store can potentially save you from driving off a cliff. 

9.Factory Tour


Unfortunately, we can’t all get the golden ticket to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory (still bitter about it!) BUT there are plenty of cool factories that you can visit and learn something as well. Imagine having a chance to craft your own beer together. Sounds like a BEERilliant idea! 

10.Thrift Store Shopping!


This one is definitely fun! One of the biggest concerns when it comes to going out on a date is figuring out what to wear and taaadaaaaa…problem solved. Ask your date to pick a theme, go to a thrift shop, shop for each other. The craziest outfit wins and you both have to wear the outfit till the end of the date. This would give a good laugh to the both of you AND take the pressure off of finding the “perfect outfit”.

If you feel a little rusty planning a date or finding one, esync is the answer. Dating is about getting to know the other person and sometimes our nerves get the best of us. Next time you’re on a date, just remember: take it easy and HAVE FUN!

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